Buying Guide - Mattresses For Children

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Shopping for kids mattresses may sound easy and simple process, but are you actually buying the right kind of mattresses for your kids? It is important to take out time and research well before buying any mattress for your child.

There are so many intricacies while buying mattresses for kids that you need the perfect name, comfort level and size of the mattress, otherwise, you’ll land up getting the wrong mattress for your child. In this article we’re going to highlight few vital points that will help you to buy the perfect mattress for your kid.

1. Size and growth matters

If you get a smaller size mattress for your growing kids, you may end spending plenty of money on them every year. Thus, as the child grows and becomes older everyday, it is important to get a large size mattress on the first day itself.

In Addition to it, when the child grows older, you can easily sleep with them on a large size mattress. Twin, Twin XL, or Full size mattress are expected to be the best mattresses for kids. In fact, Twin or Twin XL, wil be more affordable for you.

2. Support

Support is indeed a vital point to be kept in mind while buying a mattress for your child. Many people ignore this criteria thinking it is going to be there in all the mattresses, whereas, the right kind of support your child needs on that mattress is his or her preference.

The motive of support relates to spinal cord alignment during the night. If a mattress lack this support, it can definitely harm your child's sleeping position forever. Moreover, It can reduce their sleep due to uncomfortable nights. As a child grows, it is extremely important that their mattresses support their growth.

3. Quality and Comfort

Although support and comfort are often interpreted as similar meanings, they are actually two different meaning altogether.

Support in the mattress will be needed for better spinal alignment, whereas, comfort deals with the firmness and feel of the mattresses. First of all, if a mattress is of low quality and cheap, you’ll be definitely playing with your child's growing process. If a child is forced to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress, they can develop poor sleep technique and posture. However, if a high quality mattress are purchased, they can grow comfortably and relax actually rest while sleeping. In fact, a research says that if a child has restful sleep, it affects on their school performance, mood level, etc.


If you need a detailed study, Mattressify has a great buying guide on kids mattress. Overall, your kid needs good sleep to perform well in his daily life. They need proper posture, position, comfort level, firmness and support during the night. The best way to save your money as well as their growth is to create a good combination of mattress, thus, take a twin or twin XL size mattress of high quality and comfort level. This will cost you once before your child grows to be a teenager.
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